Can I get energy from protein?

Yes you can, but it's not the body's preferred source of energy. Protein (or amino acids) make up the body's building blocks to repair cells. Actually protein has to be broken down through digestion into amino acids as a first step. The body will choose carbohydrates to turn into energy first, then fats and lastly protein. Reasons to not depend on protein for energy: (1) you should reserve your amino acids for body tissue and muscle repair (2) To use as energy the amino acids that the body created must be converted into glucose before it can be used by the body. The by-product of this conversion is ammonia which can likely cause the body to produce more acid (which is the basis of many degenerative diseases).

Do you know that all foods contain protein? So, if we supply the body with enough carbohydrates to use for fuel, then the body can use the protein of these carbohydrates to help build and repair itself. For this reason, a whole food plant-based diet is a win-win choice!