How can I support my liver?

The liver has many functions. First and foremost, the liver is the body’s detoxifier which means it is responsible for removing toxins (anything that our body doesn’t accept as nutrients and anything that is obviously harmful to us).  The liver is highly involved in the removal of ammonia resulting from amino acid (protein) breakdown. While this process is necessary, when our goal is to support the liver, we should not eat too many “high protein” foods such as meats (red, white and even fish), eggs and may even need to limit our intake of beans (1 cup max per day), nuts and seeds (1/4 cup) to ease the load on the liver. You will receive many benefits from eating many fruits, vegetables (root vegetables and leafy greens) – preferably steamed or baked, but definitely not fried, and whole grains while avoiding wheat and gluten. FOODS TO AVOID are corn, wheat, soy and dairy (with a few exceptions of a good yogurt)  if one desires to easily detox the liver – therefore, it would be a good choice to simply avoid these foods while attempting to heal and support a healthy liver.

Special note: For the cancer patient taking traditional chemotherapy drugs, the liver has to work “overtime” to remove the toxins these drugs create. Therefore, it’s even more important to take great care of the liver.